Monday, January 14, 2013

Something about work...

I just thought of asking you guys this question...

As some of you might have known, i work as a bilingual rep for a company in QC...

I started there January of 2012.

On our most recent payout, January 2013, I was shocked to see that my language allowance wasn't credited to my payroll.

I talked to our HR and accounting. They told me that my language allowance was being credited twice per month instead of just being credited once, for the past year.

YES, the whole year I was working with them. Since the day I started with them, thats how I was getting paid.

I was surprised because I thought that I was really supposed to be paid that way. Otherwise, I should have just looked for a different job!

Now, my payslip didnt include my language incentive. They told me that they'll be continuing that for the whole year of 2013

First, thats how I understood how I was supposed to be paid. Thats why I signed my contract.

Second, I didnt know I was being overpaid. Thats how I was being paid since I started with them.

Third, why would it take them one year to find out na "ooops we are paying you too much".

Fourth, they didnt even inform me that they wont pay me my language allowance this January payday. (I only found out that I wasnt credited when I checked my ATM).

I reviewed my contract and it didnt really explain how I will be paid. I think this is my fault because I didnt really clear this up with them.

They told me that they wont pay me my language allowance this 2013 since they already paid me daw this 2012. Technically, they told me I owe them hundreds of thousands of pesos.

What should I do now? Any suggestions?